[Bonus Material] Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (+Субтитры) 2

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[Bonus Material] Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (+Субтитры) 2

Additional Material Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Interview with Russian subtitles. Part 2.

Дополнительные материалы к фильму Гарри Поттер и Принц Пол? Интервью с русскими субтитрами. Часть 2.

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Denise F
27.07.2018 18:17:09
The costume designer seems so sweet
Phoebe Tang
14.03.2018 11:28:57
i love looking at Matt Lewis...sigh...
Abigail Bruggemann
20.02.2018 12:09:39
I love when Ron got hit in the face
Aneta Košiková
09.02.2018 12:05:53
No ty brďo.????????????
Siren Lucy
08.02.2018 20:57:49
They died Tom’s hair blonde, so why couldn’t they dye Dan’s hair black?
Siren Lucy
08.02.2018 20:53:28
Evanna is so amazing, I love her voice, her style, her spirit just everything!!!And I like the costume designer ????????‍???? She was so sweet ????
07.02.2018 22:14:23
Tom and Daniel are so HOT!! I can't
Copper Candycorn
07.02.2018 11:42:37
I have something to tell you peeps:The ‘t’ ‘Voldemort’ is silent.Boom. Your life is a lie.#DealWithIt
Ariel Vincent
05.02.2018 07:09:27
Don't get any fun ideas and ask for a owl for your birthday... well i asked for a polar bear. Guess that's not going to happen anytime soon...
Ariel Vincent
05.02.2018 07:03:31
That is so cool!
04.02.2018 12:11:56
Ginny is so hot
Josh Pike
27.01.2018 14:13:37
9:15 harry potter and the scorcerer's stone LMAO
ufak tefek cinayetler
26.01.2018 10:46:54
Соня Мусина
26.01.2018 02:10:55
Пр самое лучшее!
24.01.2018 17:12:33
James looks so funny in his silly hat)
Emily Miller
22.01.2018 15:49:37
Matthew Lewis: Owls are very intelligent creatures (screen shows Errol smashing into a window)
Unicorn Squad
21.01.2018 23:32:59
I had a sleep over last night and watched all of the movies! 20 hours of pure potter!
Mütze x
20.01.2018 19:19:39
Funny, how they put more effort into this "behind the scenes" than they did into the actual movie.
20.01.2018 04:00:57
Hey, I want to see the tattoo man! Is it possible to see the scene somewhere?
Julian K
19.01.2018 16:51:00
Where can I find this material? Is it on a special edition?
Gabrielle Pigeonhill
19.01.2018 02:04:50
yeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh team ronnnnn
18.01.2018 21:09:59
I honestly always think dan looks a lil disoriented without glasses on lmao
SellMe YourSoul
17.01.2018 06:30:48
nice try to throw sand in muggles eyes
Neville Longbottom
15.01.2018 00:11:33
Nice to see how it goes behind the scenes and how everything is structured
Neville Longbottom
15.01.2018 00:06:12
Hahahah that's funny more of it
Luna Lovegood
14.01.2018 21:26:51
Matt went from ewww to ooooo from movie 1-8
14.01.2018 12:27:29
Субтитров нету!(((
Erikka Vanna Bongay
13.01.2018 09:13:16
2018 anyone??
sideeg hassan
13.01.2018 05:25:20
I may have already asked my parents for an owl like Headwig for my birthday.... ????
Prod. Hxrford
10.01.2018 18:55:31
I sink your charactère waz ze best charactère
Рухшона Шинкарева
10.01.2018 18:39:15
Для меня эта сцена с ванной тоже была самой запоминающийся как и Драко ( я плакала под эту сцену) мне было очень жалко Драко
lol Rinny
08.01.2018 07:15:57
11:20 dang it, I already asked
Harriet Shrimpton
08.01.2018 01:11:43
Top notch acting
Eleanor Beckley
06.01.2018 19:07:33
Does anyone else want them to make something where you can subscribe to the daily prophet/quibler
06.01.2018 16:32:51
Tom Felton deserves to be in Gryffindor more than Daniel Radcliffe cuz he cares more about James Phelps and supports him being behind and in front of the camera.
clover is a dogo
06.01.2018 07:40:12
The charter responses are so aquard like theay don't know what els to say
Raneet Dhillon
06.01.2018 04:56:40
i want to know what tom wrote on emma’s birthday card... is that weird?
Corinthians vivo por ti
05.01.2018 06:26:52
I love you Draco ????
lujan vizgarra
04.01.2018 07:20:06
2018 Argentina no entendí un coto pero lo vi ????????
fire bird 392
03.01.2018 21:58:15
I always freak out when they say Phoenix because that's my name!!!
03.01.2018 15:39:08
" i love owls , they're such wise creatures" bird flies into window
Leon Ficht
03.01.2018 11:48:56
Aiden Marvashti
03.01.2018 02:02:49
alfies jacket matches his shoes
The Fuck
31.12.2017 22:35:14
So..she's the one who gave Hermione a pink dress instead of blue?
David Brey
28.12.2017 15:51:06
6:08 is so funny :D
Max Weiss
28.12.2017 02:59:19
Dean Thomas is hot.
Jilian Loos
26.12.2017 05:49:04
lol such bad acting
zerohour now
25.12.2017 08:13:08
radcliffe is coked out of his mind in the editing room
24.12.2017 15:55:08
Vsim privet ❤️❤️
wichy Jane 101
22.12.2017 19:07:35
Luna's laugh is.so.cute
21.12.2017 08:52:33
The girl playing lavender XD *owl flies away*"Oaww"
lee stan
20.12.2017 14:09:57
15:00 "your tiny body" almost made me cry knowing evanna struggles with anorexia. She seems so cute and nice!
Brigid Keating
17.12.2017 17:47:52
26:43 look at little bon bon????
Owl C
13.12.2017 20:50:31
this whole video reeks of early 2000s
Lucy-Jo Parkhouse
11.12.2017 12:48:20
Adrian Ward
08.12.2017 22:08:17
Lol, Daniel was an alcoholic on the set of HBP...
Emilin Maria
07.12.2017 23:53:58
Someone write another series continuing on Harry Potter so I can audition for it.
gacha great team
06.12.2017 21:51:53
Emma Watson u should get with tom fliton and its would be dramione and it will be my dream come to tom love you Emma I can see it in his eyes
05.12.2017 01:25:15
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04.12.2017 22:05:30
01.12.2017 19:06:43
8:50 I love owls, so wise creatures. cut to Erol flying into a window
Allie Shealy
30.11.2017 07:16:10
When he said watching it. 300 times I said pftt thats nothing
Annika Peachy pie
29.11.2017 11:20:04
Did anyone notice Daniels tie looks VERY familiar
28.11.2017 07:00:04
Tom felton is just... Magical...
25.11.2017 11:53:30
Matthew; Alfie to Matt i think we should talk like this all the time, over.Alfie; Alfie to Matt, i'm Alfie an-Matthew; (laughing hysterically)i absolutely love that part omfg XD
21.11.2017 07:42:51
Oh my.....that guy has watched HP more times than me.....but I bet he doesn't know more than me!
Anton !
19.11.2017 03:59:49
Guillaume Grange is obviously french
Christine Donaldson
18.11.2017 19:23:56
Mark Day i hope you have time to talk.. i have a really great thing to talk to you about. And i hope you have the time to read. I recently came across a book that you would be great for editing. It's name, Blackwatch. Please, please read the book. I have messaged Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, I've seen that you are fine friends with the producer of Harry Potter and would like to see if you want to, prolong the Harry Potter series with a new movie. By the way I am jacob Donaldson or just Jake. Please let me know if you feel the same as I, about the movie.
Christine Donaldson
18.11.2017 19:12:03
All your fans know about how you made the movies Harry Potter, with Daniel Radcliffe. My name is Jacob or jake for short. I would very much appreciate it if you could make a movie with Daniel Radcliffe. It would be based off of a book named black watch. I Maybe spelled that wrong but I am a very big fan and think that you and also one other would be perfect actors for the book. Of course it's completely up to you guys. Im also just a fan of yours, not a producer hahaha so pretty please just read the book and get back to me about weather your willing to make the movie!!!!??? Please!!!??
Javier owo
16.11.2017 01:45:09
getting to know the character of malfoy Now I actually love him. augh hes such a cutie
Fabiënne Schults
13.11.2017 08:30:35
Don't get a pet owl? To late, I got 2
steven singleton
12.11.2017 01:25:35
There is tension going on
11.11.2017 07:39:18
Every time I see Evanna Lynch my pupils turn into hearts!
09.11.2017 19:56:32
That was so sweet of her to make that for Emma
Annika Gonzales
09.11.2017 05:56:47
Harry Potter s the BEST MOVIE EVER MADE!!! Like if you agree!
06.11.2017 01:03:17
Jamie Waylett and Josh Herdman (Crabbe and Goyle) don't get enough credit, I think. In CoS, they played Ron and Harry for the polyjuice scenes, and you really feel that it is Ron and Harry pretending to be Crabbe and Goyle.
Mythical Phan
05.11.2017 06:42:28
Why is Draco soooooooooo hot?
Mythical Phan
05.11.2017 06:36:45
01.11.2017 22:10:15
what is happing with tom's collar in 7:28?????????????
29.10.2017 18:53:18
It's fun to see Draco being nice, Fred Weasley being serious and Goyle speaking in full sentences :-)
Ender Pigs
28.10.2017 17:40:24
Barn owls are so soft who has pet one?
T Gev
23.10.2017 17:29:47
I always love to see how actors are so different than the characters they play. Like, Tom Felton is such a cool dude.
xd Otter
21.10.2017 05:37:07
Does anybody remember luna’s lion outift xD
iiSilent RBLX
17.10.2017 15:39:40
Emma looks like hermione! They are like.. twins!
13.10.2017 21:35:01
why is luna so shy??
09.10.2017 19:07:50
OMG I called it from the very beginning! Hermione is a death eater!
Lucia Doylend
08.10.2017 19:53:10
My father will here about this!
yosef marcucci
08.10.2017 07:38:57
17:05 omg
07.10.2017 19:29:12
Lindsay Van Horn
05.10.2017 23:09:14
It was so cool seeing the art department. I follow Mina and Lima on Instagram and they post a lot of Harry Potter material
03.10.2017 11:47:09
Tom felton out of character with the colour of Dracos hair seems odd.
03.10.2017 11:40:31
hurts friend on accidentLaughsliterally 2017
Grace Gilbertson
29.09.2017 06:29:01
That kid that played Fean Thompson talked more in the intro of this video then he did in all the HP movies combined!
Lorelei Alexis_05
14.09.2017 21:47:19
Hi I'm going to school
Vanessa Hutchinson
03.09.2017 02:02:48
good job to Emma watson
Vanessa Hutchinson
03.09.2017 02:00:55
you two were really good in the movie .
holee ilex
02.09.2017 16:44:52
When you've seen Harry Potter more than the director. (I'm kidding but now 400 times is my goal haha)
Amy Crowley
02.09.2017 04:14:45
Wow it is really cool to see how it's made
Avil 3110
01.09.2017 18:16:38
18:18 spot the fidget spinner ????????????
Heidi Franklin
29.08.2017 12:05:35
Alfie and Matt ????????