Месси снова на приёме у врача.

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Месси снова на приёме у врача.

Оказавшись в Москве мы не упустили возможности познакомиться с лучшими в своем деле специалистами! Месси нервничал на узи, но всё равно дал посмотреть всё, что было нужно.

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Freefalling into grace
29.11.2019 06:48:32
Saw so many English comments asking if Messi is ok and wanted to say that there's no need to worry. He is ok! ????They're just doing a general exam. They came to Moscow because their channel was nominated for an award and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to have Messi checked by the best specialists available in the country. He seemed a little bloated and kept getting small bold patches on his ears, so they just wanted to check everything out as a prophylactic measure to make sure he's ok. Did the ultrasound and x-ray tests, checked his heart, organs, ears, teeth, etc. Thank you for caring, everyone. It's amazing how many people love and wish Messi well. Love to all of you from Canada ????????
Светлана К.
28.06.2020 21:29:23
Да! Серьёзное это дело поход к врачу! Жаль, что по окончанию видео вы ничего не комментируете. Ведь можно сказать пару слов, подвести итог. Как состояние здоровья Месси. Ну и всегда удивляют врачи с неопрятным видом! Такое впечатление, что доктора узиста разбудили и она забыла причесаться! Но даже если бы это было и так, то всё равно - головной убор и убранные волосы!
Оля Ґусь
26.06.2020 12:54:43
Хозяин,супер!!!!я в восторге!!!
Susan Frost
25.06.2020 02:20:01
What a good boy♥️
Елена Т
24.06.2020 19:06:42
Какие же вы хорошие! Счастьям Вам и Вашей семье!
Нина Прощеваева
24.06.2020 18:26:37
Я вами восхищаюсь, вашей любовью к Месси, обязательно посмотрю все видео, добра вам и всем любви
Boz Kurt
23.06.2020 14:39:28
Юлия Злобина
23.06.2020 09:26:22
Какой умница Месси, большой, красивый, умный кот:)! А главное хозяева хорошие, доверие дикого кота тренировать нужно, желаю Месси всегда такой же заботы и внимания!
Эльмира Абилдаева
23.06.2020 07:13:50
Оксана Тарновецька
22.06.2020 15:15:10
Обожаю такой умничка.
Dan Whitten
22.06.2020 02:09:53
Thank you for showing such kindness to Messi.
Betsy Heung
21.06.2020 15:53:19
Thanks ???????? for the video of your kitty, I love your baby, thanks for everything ,puma and Sasha and Mesha, best wishes to all.
Екатерина Зайцева
21.06.2020 15:39:19
Были бы у всех животных такие хозяева, спасибо вам????????????????
Юлия Левченко
21.06.2020 15:14:54
Такой сговорчивый Котофеич! Чудо да и только! Такая замечательная ПЛЮШКА-БАРХАТКА!АЙ, БББРРРАААВВВООООООО!
Валерия Моисеева
20.06.2020 23:24:15
За гранью возможного. Невероятно. Владельцы Месси просто МОЛОДЦЫ!
Ильсия Гарипова
20.06.2020 20:21:48
Наталія Гузенко
20.06.2020 17:39:15
Восхищаюсь такой любовью и нежностью к животним.
Владимир С.
20.06.2020 15:22:45
Здоровья крепкого Вашей семье ????????????????????????.
Raechelle Bennett
20.06.2020 15:13:02
Labrador when he saw Messi: Oh no, I think I'm at the wrong vet office! ????
Михаил Ильин
20.06.2020 13:58:16
Как же я люблю такие сюжеты!!!
Lucien Namoco
19.06.2020 19:19:59
Hello Messi .... seeing you ang your dad....both of you are amazing..i am wishing to have 1 like you to taking care of.....messi you are so sweet...can i hug you?
Jeff Becker
19.06.2020 16:44:37
Почему вы подняли его наверх по лестнице? Он боялся?
renee Davis
19.06.2020 03:41:46
He Is the coolest Cougar ever. Social kitty. I'm jealous and want one. I had a friend with 2 and hers were female. I want a Male. Males cats of any kind are lovable
Мака Кукарача
18.06.2020 23:50:39
Как часто он посещает вет.врача?
18.06.2020 21:32:57
Messi such a good boy , although he looked a little scared , he lay still for pics. LOVE THE WAY HE AND DOG LOOK AT EACH OTHER ! Classic.
Francesco il Romanum
18.06.2020 03:31:48
Please inglese
Michael Miller
17.06.2020 20:15:00
The tank of frontosa is amazing. Those are VERY expensive.
Leonor Oliver
17.06.2020 04:09:38
Thank you for the subtitles
Lidia Olejnik
17.06.2020 01:26:43
Messi is so chilled and well behaved at the vet..it's unbelievable that a "wild" animal is so relaxed and loving. He is obviousely domesticated, but you never know how they may behave at the wet, because even a house cats can be very wild and crash behaved during the vet check up...
Kim Matthews
17.06.2020 00:24:35
Is messing aloud to have packages sent to him from the USAAnd can I have his address if so.you can Email me [email protected] handsome hi..
R Massi
17.06.2020 00:03:41
He is such an incredibly good boy!!! I love Messi so much, I’m addicted to watching him on your video’s!!! Thank you sharing such a gorgeous animal!!! He is a sweetheart... ????????????????
Татьяна Михайлова
16.06.2020 21:24:26
Какие хозяева, такой и котик! Умница и красавец, невозможно на него насмотреться, милота!!!
Галина Юрина
16.06.2020 19:03:31
Врач трусишка-)) вы его фиксируете за ошейник?-))
Ann Cunningham
16.06.2020 12:04:08
my domestic cat is so bad in the vet he is not given any treatment unless he is sedated, he would have torn the vets here to bits, well done Messi, so gentle and patient.
Ann Cunningham
16.06.2020 11:55:35
How is Messi doing? gorgeous animal lovely to see how loved he is.
Solennia Kutar
16.06.2020 10:59:26
Oh Messi bb i hope you ok ????????????
Ирина Кощеева
16.06.2020 00:29:55
Сколько весит Месси?
Раа Любрср
15.06.2020 12:07:37
Тут бы хороший психолог развернулся. Яркий пример того, когда очень хочется быть на виду, но при этом сам из себя ничего не представляешь, поэтому прикрываешься диковиной. Тщеславие! Мозгов много не нужно пиариться за счет дикого животного.
Ольга &
15.06.2020 10:34:21
Обожаю вас и вашего котика!!!????????????
Tibe Dog
15.06.2020 08:51:02
3:48 Messi goes Super Saiyan
Jay Gasper
15.06.2020 07:54:22
I love how a mountain lion is biologically just a giant house cat. I bet Messi has super soft fur.
Bon Dia
15.06.2020 07:25:24
Какое доверие и благодарность своему хозяину...
Wes McGee
14.06.2020 20:19:30
One of the fastest deadliest predators in the wild. Just another scared pet at the vet in domestic life.
Mana Awe
14.06.2020 12:10:28
Aloha from Hawaii Messi Hope YouFeel better ❤️❤️????????????????
Kim Matthews
14.06.2020 07:04:47
I know this is a few months agoHe's a handsome guyAnd puma I love him Hope he is good
Koko Andreuzzi
14.06.2020 05:17:30
Great behaving kitty!!!
Sheree Ayala
14.06.2020 02:55:22
Thank you so much for letting us know that messi that is okay of course we all love and worried when we see him at the vet but we also know that his daddy takes such good care of him but we thank you for taking your time for us people who don't speak Russian to let us know that Messi is doing well we all love that Puma so much
Dino Dimaria
13.06.2020 23:19:03
Messi has won my heart over so quickly. He is lucky to have parents like both of you.
Bear Gomez
13.06.2020 23:05:11
This is one of the most beautiful stories I have been following that I have ever heard or seen! Thank you for the love and care you give to Messi and he is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. You can just see the love that Messi shows he owners, especially his daddy!!!!!
Marisa Urbinati
12.06.2020 00:18:19
Quanto bene ti vuole, e lo dimostra bellissima
Андрей Федотов
11.06.2020 23:50:34
Вы Александр свято й.Мария Вами я восхищаюсь.
Андрей Федотов
11.06.2020 23:24:47
АЛЕКСАНДР с больших букв только ТАК.
Анна Заверюха
11.06.2020 14:48:44
Здоровья месии я желаю
Ирина Ефремова
10.06.2020 20:42:54
Месси - необыкновенный!!!! Самый самый ????❤️????????????????
mat joe
10.06.2020 19:05:06
These Russians need to speak English, so the entire world would know, what the heck is going on? with all these doctor visits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swetlana Zulinski
07.06.2020 16:53:49
Я когда своего шотландец вислоухий привожу раз в год на прививку,врачи тоже тискают,а тут пум звезда первого канала.
Егор Напольских
03.06.2020 14:54:00
бедная месси
Matrixbabe53 R
03.06.2020 08:21:38
Wow! I am amazed, such patience, when your taking a pet to the veterinarian, the only way to get a cat of any size to cooperate is to sedate them, at least mildly! Bless you Messi, I pray your ok????
Paula Curtis
31.05.2020 15:29:40
The large man with the blue sweater and tan pants is simply a great looker! Sorry Messi I got side track...lol lol
30.05.2020 17:24:21
Messi has to love you so very, very much to allow himself to be handled is such a way. He will obviously has complete trust in you and will do anything to make you happy. Messi is one of a kind.
judy thompson
30.05.2020 07:48:46
That dog was saying “did you see the size of that cat?!?!” ????
Jargon Ellie
27.05.2020 01:06:44
This isn’t a criticism at all, I love Messi, Ichal and Sasha & Masha. I was just very curious. After a recent fracture of my own, why weren’t the veterinary staff and Sasha wearing lead vests to protect them from radiation when assisting with Messi’s x-ray’s, especially as he had quite a few? The danger to Sasha may be small on one visit but build up over a number of checks over the years, given radiation’s powerful half life so imagine the danger to the vet staff doing these day in, day out. All UK vet and hospital staff wear lead vests/aprons and rad counters.
Michele Aldworth
25.05.2020 01:42:08
Hi there. Good to hear Massi is OK! Love that cat and his family. He is ambassador to the world for the proper treatment of animals and how much love he gives to the world. We need his love in these times. Take care and God bless.
24.05.2020 01:42:09
все хорошо ?! Проведите какое-нибудь исследование по аутогемотерапии. У моей собаки с Максом была проблема с кожей, и ничто не помогло бы после того, как у меня стала улучшаться аутогемотерапия. Сегодня это уже 100%. Я также делаю это самостоятельно как профилактическое средство просто для поддержания моей аутоиммунной системы. Я думаю, ты должен сделать это в Месси. Обними, благослови тебя Бог.
Leslie Craig
23.05.2020 07:51:07
Messi is so precious and good natured.
Stephanie Schmoeller
22.05.2020 14:39:50
Ольга Павловна
20.05.2020 00:15:54
youtu.be/zw_kCk2dNqc ☺️ ? Новые ролики про Месси по вторникам, четвергам и субботам, прямые эфиры каждое воскресенье в 13.00 по московскому времени ????☺️
Luz Collazos
18.05.2020 10:55:44
Amazing how Messi trust him. Beautiful relationship
18.05.2020 01:00:58
Privet , so glad you have subtitles.thank you
Claudinha Pimentel de Barros
17.05.2020 16:47:17
Samsung Eshy
16.05.2020 10:19:39
Good he is ok, precious puma is a lovely big cat
fayçal GOUSSI
15.05.2020 21:42:11
The Way You Take care of hum makes me feel optimistic for the human future. Thanks for him your wife without which nothing is possible and for us because you make us happy. Fayçal
Эвелина Николаева
15.05.2020 13:19:23
Я против что бы дикую кошку держали в квартире.Ведь когда они выротстают их выбрасывают.
Lusine Kal
14.05.2020 22:22:12
Дай вам бог и месси крепкого крепкого здоровья. И конечно много много много денег. ????Маладец Месси. Просто прелесть.
shawna dee
14.05.2020 10:21:08
Messi reality show , I'm calling it , WE NEED IT !! The handlers better be these guys every step of the way too, include the other Cheetah cat Isha, Please , I re watch these videos all the time love the bond they have
Mingau Radioativo
14.05.2020 07:32:38
3:48 Sharingan
Earthling 2018
14.05.2020 07:12:04
Beautiful boy!
Born in Kaliningrad
13.05.2020 13:18:33
Haha ))) And He is named in honor of a football player Messi ! ))) Mr Messi, did you hear that? )))
13.05.2020 06:57:57
13.05.2020 06:51:09
Love Messi.....glad to read Messi is Ok.
Ardyth Shellenbarger
13.05.2020 06:10:10
So happy all is ok :)
Chester Clarke
13.05.2020 04:12:59
Messi thinks of the Russian guy as his best friend, not his dad. They are companions
Alayzha sweetlove
12.05.2020 22:49:38
pinned by l-am-puma cute adorable they hate me see how you’re feeling I feel good OK adorable pay cute and I am lazy with me I’m pretty girl name right there so cute Aunt bringing indoor pool with Lily. I love you are you sober daughter Macy and then you’re like a daughter you know you’re right it’s a bath but he’s so adorable cute face I love you and I’ll be praying for you outside soon love you Maisie
Mame mor Seuy
12.05.2020 19:41:11
Jaime meci tre sage
Hugo M. Peñaflor
12.05.2020 19:13:58
is he sick?
Mariza Peres
12.05.2020 16:48:04
A Messi é uma boa garota!!!????????????
Laure Mehrkens
12.05.2020 05:11:10
Aahhh, who was a good boy????????.
Андрей Савин
11.05.2020 20:12:41
Боится здорово Месси. Заметно
Marcello Passavanti
10.05.2020 22:07:31
Sei un bella persona ❤️
ranee wahane
10.05.2020 20:11:31
Very good ????????????
Shawn Carroll
10.05.2020 18:32:53
How is Messi doing?? Love ur videos and wish I had a puma like that. Such beautiful animals
Free Fire Beast
10.05.2020 16:03:12
So cute
Nadi Shibina
10.05.2020 13:49:42
Зверь очень уравновешенный, сразу видно правильное воспитание. Интересно, Месси кастрирован и если нет, есть ли такие планы? Сколько ему лет?
Marise Oliveira
10.05.2020 13:17:43